Customized Treats for your Event

Cupping Cakes recently took part in a Wedding photo shoot, and were happily given a little carte blanche on flavors and materials. The theme was “soft pink and gold – with romance,” the table was set with a great range of pinks, gold accents and soft romantic materials and textures.

First, we chose a white and pink paper baking cup with a scalloped edge, giving it a soft romantic feel. Then, we baked a simple vanilla cake, which gives of a nice soft gold tone, then topped them with a cherry buttercream, alternating with a simple white vanilla buttercream. We then topped these with a pink pearl to tie the two looks together, as well as gold heart edible heart accents from Wilton.

Contact us anytime about your upcoming event, we really enjoy customizing every element of the tasty treat to work perfectly with the occasion. DSC_0007ed (Medium)DSC_0004ed (Medium)  DSC_0012ed (Medium) DSC_0027ed (Medium) DSC_0028ed (Medium) DSC_0035ed (Medium)

Event Recap: Beach Wedding

We had the very great pleasure and honor to be part of a wedding this past weekend. Cupping Cakes supplied cupcakes, the cutting cake and two different types of cookie favors. The wedding was on the beach, and we continued the beautiful blues of the ocean and beach themes throughout the entire event. We worked directly with the Bride to bring her the best items to work with her theme and location, not only with the flavors of the cupcakes, but with the cake design, cupcake wrappers and cookie favors.


BLUE VELVET: Blue velvet cake (similar to red velvet) with vanilla cream cheese buttercream, topped with a glittery blue flower.

VANILLA: Vanilla cake, with blue tinted vanilla italian meringue buttercream topped with blue glitter.

COCONUT LIME: Coconut cake (with a healthy serving of coconut flakes) with creamy coconut lime buttercream, topped with toasted coconut and two candy flip flops.

Cutting Cake: Blue velvet cake, filled with vanilla cream cheese, decorated with the ombre petal frosting style and edible “beach sand”

Cookie Favor 1: Sand Dollar Cinnamon Sugar Cookies, with edible sand.

Cookie Favor 2: Sand dollar sugar cookies with royal icing outline and edible glitter, with edible sand.

Contact us to customize your event!

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Cupcakes at Weddings of All Kinds

I recently attended a “Equal Plan” Wedding Show, which gave opportunities to couples of ALL KINDS to meet vendors that support love of any kind. This choice to support any event was a no-brainer for me, but it got me thinking about how some people still view cupcakes at weddings as “unconventional.” So I took some time, gathered some great ideas and information about cupcakes and wedding traditions.

What this resulted in, was a really great info-graphic that is a fantastic ice breaker for brides, grooms, wedding planners and cupcake enthusiasts. I introduce to you…the cupcake wedding information powerhouse!

<click on image to enlarge>

cupcake wedding infographic

Summer is Almost Here!

Summer is almost here, and for us Floridians, it’s ALREADY here! Some Northerners may still be scooping up snow, but we’ve seen temps higher than 90 already here in Tampa Bay.

We’ve got some great holidays coming up as well, Memorial Day, July 4th, and a lot of outdoor festivals and events. You know what works really well for summer parties? Oh yes, cupcakes. No cutting, messy knives, forgetting to buy tiny plates or piles of trash. Cupcakes are single servings of deliciousness!

grid-cell-7951-1374076269-18Want more Summer Party tips and tricks? Click here!

We like the single serving of pre-scooped ice cream, in the cupcake tins. The silicone re-usable wrappers make it even easier and eco-friendly!

With all of these great events coming up, we’re offering you a deal you can’t refuse!

Our Sweet Summer Sale!

summer promo14

February and Cupcakes go together like February and Cupcakes

2329triblk-w484h484z1-29208-i-am-one-of-the-few-people-who-looks-hot-eating-a-cupcakeFebruary is a fun month; it’s still got a nice chill to the air, and Valentine’s Day is right in the middle of the month. Everyone celebrates love a different way, even if you go to one of those fun “Luv Sux” parties, you’re celebrating in your own way.

I’d like to share my love for cupcakes with everyone this month!  February is already shaping up to be a fun one for us at Cupping Cakes. We have some great events in Carrollwood and Seminole Heights, and beyond. This is also the first month of our “Charity Cupcake” – where proceeds from the sale of our special flavor of the month is donated directly to a charity, and this month is The Spring.

To go along with the Charity Cupcake flavor of the month, which is our delicious chocolate cake, topped with a yummy vanilla purple-tinted buttercream, topped with an icing sunflower, we will have a few “Valentine’s Day” themed flavors.

Conversation Starter: Red Velvet cake, topped with cream cheese buttercream and a few conversation heart candies.

Va-Va-Vanilla: Vanilla cake topped with a vanilla buttercream and themed sprinkles.

Give Me A Kiss: Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Kiss inside the cake, chocolate buttercream and chocolate chip topper.

Wine & Dine: Brown sugar cake, filled with raspberry merlot jam topped with raspberry merlot swiss meringue buttercream.

This is not all! Keep checking with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and our Event Schedule for more flavors and dates!

Have Your Cupcake and Eat It Too!

All of the buzz this month will be about New Year’s Resolutions. Eat healthier, eat locally grown, get more exercise, be more organized, get together more with friends, and more!

According to – these are the top Resolutions:
Lose Weight          Volunteer to Help Others
Quit Smoking          Get a Better Education
Get a Better Job         Save Money Get Fit
Eat Healthy Food         Manage Stress
Drink Less Alcohol          Manage Debt
Take a Trip         Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

Did you know eating cupcakes can help with a lot of those resolutions? Cupcakes can get a bad wrap, but we’re here to help you reach your goals!

Our Cupping Cakes are made with love, and a lot of great local ingredients. Here are a few fun and healthy factoids on our Cupping Cakes:


– We make healthy substitutions that don’t sacrifice quality or taste. Did you know you can switch out the vegetable oil for apple sauce?
– We use local fruits in our batters, frostings, and fillings. Most of the jams we use are homemade in-house.
– One of the main ingredients in a red velvet cupcake is buttermilk – buttermilk is lower in fat than regular butter or whole milk and supplies vitamins and minerals. The cake also contains a small amount of cocoa – which we know is good for you in small doses.
– We have a handful of alternatives to traditional powdered sugar buttercream, healthier and just as delicious.
– Have an alternative food choice, like going gluten-free? Let us know and we can create a perfect treat for you.
– Save money by purchasing one cupcake from us, instead of a big container of processed snacks at the store. It’s a perfect sized treat!
– Want to help out others? Why not treat your employees or co-workers to a tasty cupcake one day?
– Need to motivate or reward yourself for a great week/month or meeting your goals? Why not a cupcake? It’s great for portion-control.
– All of our to-go containers are recyclable, and we also offer a reusable tote to take home.
– Manage stress by rewarding yourself at an end of a tough week!
– Want to take a day-trip or maybe go on a walk with friends? Cupcakes are great for outdoor events, since it’s very easy cleanup.


Contact us today for your specialty order!

Busy Weekend Ahead! Come on out!

We’ve got THREE big opportunities to get your Cupping Cakes fix.

404491_508904672495216_429434693_nTODAY: Friday, February 8th, 2013
Cupping Cakes will be out at the Odessa Organic Farmer’s Market
for a Food Truck Festival!
8701 Gunn Hwy, Odessa, Florida 33556
5pm – 9pm


TOMORROW: Saturday, February 9th, 2013
Cupping Cakes will be in the Clearwater area for a Wedding Tasting. If any PINELLAS fans want to pre-order 6 or 12 packs, please email me.

Sunday, February 10th, 2013
Cupping Cakes will be out at The Gathering Place restaurant for a Food Truck event
16319 North Florida Avenue, Lutz, Florida
4pm – 8pm
Happy hour all day…
$2 off wells – $2 off drafts – $2 off all wines – $1 off bottled beers

Baby Shower

One thing that ladies love? other than cupcakes? Babies. So that makes cupcakes at a baby shower the best combination ever, right?

We had the privilege and pleasure of making the cupcakes and cake for a dear long time friend’s baby shower. What a fun time!

We started out with the baby shower theme colors: pink and greens. Then we added in the new mom’s favorite flavors. So we whipped up a vanilla cake with raspberry filling with raspberry frosting for the pink, then a vanilla cake with key lime curd filling and a key lime buttercream frosting.

We then made a small cake with rosette style and buttercream roses on top. Filled it with some raspberry filling – and we have a delicious treat for the mom!