Customized Treats for your Event

Cupping Cakes recently took part in a Wedding photo shoot, and were happily given a little carte blanche on flavors and materials. The theme was “soft pink and gold – with romance,” the table was set with a great range of pinks, gold accents and soft romantic materials and textures.

First, we chose a white and pink paper baking cup with a scalloped edge, giving it a soft romantic feel. Then, we baked a simple vanilla cake, which gives of a nice soft gold tone, then topped them with a cherry buttercream, alternating with a simple white vanilla buttercream. We then topped these with a pink pearl to tie the two looks together, as well as gold heart edible heart accents from Wilton.

Contact us anytime about your upcoming event, we really enjoy customizing every element of the tasty treat to work perfectly with the occasion. DSC_0007ed (Medium)DSC_0004ed (Medium)  DSC_0012ed (Medium) DSC_0027ed (Medium) DSC_0028ed (Medium) DSC_0035ed (Medium)

Event Recap: Beach Wedding

We had the very great pleasure and honor to be part of a wedding this past weekend. Cupping Cakes supplied cupcakes, the cutting cake and two different types of cookie favors. The wedding was on the beach, and we continued the beautiful blues of the ocean and beach themes throughout the entire event. We worked directly with the Bride to bring her the best items to work with her theme and location, not only with the flavors of the cupcakes, but with the cake design, cupcake wrappers and cookie favors.


BLUE VELVET: Blue velvet cake (similar to red velvet) with vanilla cream cheese buttercream, topped with a glittery blue flower.

VANILLA: Vanilla cake, with blue tinted vanilla italian meringue buttercream topped with blue glitter.

COCONUT LIME: Coconut cake (with a healthy serving of coconut flakes) with creamy coconut lime buttercream, topped with toasted coconut and two candy flip flops.

Cutting Cake: Blue velvet cake, filled with vanilla cream cheese, decorated with the ombre petal frosting style and edible “beach sand”

Cookie Favor 1: Sand Dollar Cinnamon Sugar Cookies, with edible sand.

Cookie Favor 2: Sand dollar sugar cookies with royal icing outline and edible glitter, with edible sand.

Contact us to customize your event!

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Cupcakes at Weddings of All Kinds

I recently attended a “Equal Plan” Wedding Show, which gave opportunities to couples of ALL KINDS to meet vendors that support love of any kind. This choice to support any event was a no-brainer for me, but it got me thinking about how some people still view cupcakes at weddings as “unconventional.” So I took some time, gathered some great ideas and information about cupcakes and wedding traditions.

What this resulted in, was a really great info-graphic that is a fantastic ice breaker for brides, grooms, wedding planners and cupcake enthusiasts. I introduce to you…the cupcake wedding information powerhouse!

<click on image to enlarge>

cupcake wedding infographic

Don’t waste money on your wedding! Get cupcakes!

An article on CNN this week entitled “Don’t waste money on your wedding!’ talks about where money is spent for weddings and where it can be saved. We all want to save money on our weddings right?

One of the first things they talk about is favors. Wedding planner Tracie Domino says to skip the favors that aren’t really personal. “If you give your guests something meaningful, they will be very appreciative,” she says, “but if it’s a bottle of bubbles or a cheap picture frame, it will most likely get left behind by your guests.” So what should you do instead? Bay Area wedding planner Erica Ota says to consider edibles if you’re going the favor route. “The majority of guests don’t even take them home and pricey favors end up getting left on the table,” she says. “Provide edible favors like chocolates, olive oil, or balsamic vinegar that are less expensive and more likely to go home with your hungry guests.”

How about cupcakes as a favor? 

Providing a take home box with a cupcake for your guests is a great send off at the end of the event. Imagine the delight on your guests faces when they find out that they get to take home their very own tasty treat. We bet they won’t even make it through the drive home with busting into the cute little box and sneak a bite (or two). You can order extras and have them boxed up ahead of time (did you know that Cupping Cakes provides this service?) or have boxes available for folks to take home left over cupcakes if that is what you are doing instead of a cake (we provide this service as well).

The article goes on to talk about the exorbitant costs associated with having a multi-tiered wedding cake. Wedding planner Erica Ota says “Typically, most people spend between $700 to $1,000, yet I find that only 60% of guests even take a slice. Factor in a $2.50 per person cake cutting fee and you’re looking at an expensive dessert,” she says. She also notes that she’s been seeing dessert buffets growing in popularity. Where bridges and grooms just have a small cake to use for those oh so important photo ops.

So how about a small cake to cut and a variety of cupcakes instead?

If you have small cake for photo ops and a variety of cupcakes instead of a large cake, you can save that $2.50 per person cake cutting fee right out the gate. And instead of one flavor, you can offer your guests a variety of cakes and frostings that are sure to please even the pickiest eaters. Worried that you won’t have that WOW factor. Check out this small cutting cake and cupcakes that we recently did for a large Indian wedding. Tell me that isn’t impressive!

So as you are planning your wedding, or your best friend/daughter/sister’s, keep cupcakes (and Cupping Cakes) in mind. Whether its for super cute cupcakes favors for your guests or an amazing spread of cupcakes custom designed to match your wedding. Check out our weddings page for more details! And as always, you can contact us via email with any questions you may have about our services.

We Do Weddings!

Did you know that Cupping Cakes also does weddings?

Check out our new We Do Weddings page where you can find out all about what services we offer for weddings. In addition to fully customizable flavor combinations, we also offer small “cutting cakes,” take out boxes, and cupcake favors as well.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding our wedding services!