Event Wrap-Up :: March 10th, 2012 :: Gasparilla Music Festival

The First Annual Gasparilla Music Festival was an amazing experience for attendees, vendors, planners, city dwellers and every Tampa resident.

We are SO proud to be part of this event and everything it means for future events in downtown Tampa. We were one small part of bringing local and fresh food owned by local Tampa residents to the people enjoying every minute of this event.

You don’t know how much glee, happiness, giddiness and pride comes through my body to just see the Cupping Cakes sign reside right below one of the landmark buildings in downtown Tampa, that even has a history with the Maddrey family.

So… I’m done gushing…here’s the wrap-up and photos!

Cupping Cakes worked very hard to produce and bring approximately 300 cupcakes to the attendees of the event. With some AWESOME help by my best friend Meghan and my husband, Rob – we were able to bring these delicious treats to so many great people. It was fabulous meeting so many people that were and weren’t familiar with the “Cupping Cakes empire” as a friend stated.

The flavors that were offered are as follows:

Limited edition: Vanilla cake with swiss chocolate icing and vanilla cake with strawberry buttercream icing

Cookie Dough-re-mi: Vanilla cake with a cookie dough ball inside, eggless cookie dough icing with a piece of cookie from the same cookie dough that you found inside the cake.

Bittersweet Chocolate Symphony: Chocolate cake with our swiss meringue chocolate buttercream frosting

Pump Up the Vanilla: Vanilla cake with a vanilla italian meringue buttercream

Check out the amazing photos below! Click on them to enlarge.



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