Event Wrap-Up :: Feb 5th, 2012 :: Sweetwater Sunday Market

This weekend was a great Sunday to be at Sweetwater Organic Market for their weekly Sunday Market. The cool breeze wisped through from time to time, and it was great to see so many new and familiar faces.

We had a few new flavors this weekend, and a few great oldies but goodies. I went with a Valentine’s / Super Bowl theme and it seems everyone enjoyed all of them!

This weekend’s flavors were:

Oreo Cookie Surprise!

A vanilla cake with a surprise Oreo cookie inside, with a cookies-n-cream swiss meringue icing with Super Bowl festive sprinkles.

<click on image to enlarge>

Chocolate Covered Cherry!

Our light chocolatey cake topped with a bing cherry buttercream made with reduced cherry puree topped with a candy heart.


The Perfect Pear!

Vanilla and cinnamon spiced cake with PILES of pear inside topped with a southern custard icing with a hint of the vanilla and cinnamon, topped with a candied pear with a little red coloring for Valentine’s or the Super Bowl.

We also had our orangesicle out for everyone to enjoy!



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